štvrtok 30. januára 2020

RS UHORNA snow + reverse final

... also snow version for tournaments :)

     >>>>>   7.2.2020 Update     Download :    Uhorna_snow



PACENOTES - change the pacenote to suit your personal preference ( pacenote plugin via replay) !!!

Quick Rally:

Rename any original snow track at track.ini and clear all weather with the track number, eg:11 Mustaselka (original tracksettinhs.ini back up!)

eg:11 Mustaselka

TrackName = "Maps \ track-615"
Particles = "Maps \ ps_arctic"

QUICK RALLY - nonfunktional random weather !

Update 05.02.2020 .

- create textures Normal and Worn
- weather optimization
- fixed pacenote

13 komentárov:

  1. To je nadhera! Nemuzu se dockat. Kolik prace navic zabere udelat z letni verze tu snehovou? Je to trochu skoda u ostatnich autoru, ze zaroven nevytvori i verze s jinym povrchem.

  2. It hardly comes as a surprise that it is just pure joy to drive, great work once again, Miro, thank you!

    But, there is this one thing I do have to ask: are those tarmac skid sounds throughout really as intended? It doesn't affect the feel, I don't think, but it is a new, I mean it was never a feature on any of your other snow versions. I did already test the updated version, but at least the tarmac sounds were still there. (The updated installers, by the way, were saying afterwards that "program may not have installed correctly" on Windows 7 64-bit, but didn't seem like there were such problems.)

    1. I take back all of that tarmac skid nonsense, it was my mistake in the end. So everything's fine, and it is one magnificent stage, it really is.

  3. Best stages ever made.Good job man.Keep going.Thx