piatok 20. novembra 2020

Rally sprint Kopná RZ 2/6 - Kameňák

Parametre trate :

- dlžka  7,69 km

Tvorba trate :

Update 05.02.2021

- testy

- stav tvorby  - 100 %

- reversed version

- povrch Tarmac / Tarmac sprinkled


Real Onboard :


6 komentárov:

  1. Hi Miro - all is looking good, but one question those green patches on the road do you have plans to fix them or this is some nature artifact? I saw many time it on yours tracks so its a question form me its not a critic.

  2. Wow, another fine quality track!!!

  3. Hola Miro.
    Te he enviado un correo a tu gmail, me gustaría en cuanto te sea posible puedas leerlo y contestarme.
    Muchas gracias,

  4. Hi Miro.
    I have sent you an email to your gmail, I would like as soon as possible you can read it and answer me.
    Thank you,
    Raul. sorry this is in English.