štvrtok 27. novembra 2014


Vo finálnych verziach boli doplnené počasia a povrchy.
Oprava niektorých objektov a scriptov.

Upozornenie :         V Rýchlej rally nie je funkčné náhodné počasie !

Prípadné bugy nahláste skôr, ako pôjdu trate na pluginy !


The final version was supplemented by all the weather and surfaces.
Fixed some objects and scripts.

Note: Quick Rally - nonfunctional random weather !

All bugs please report before uploading on plugins !

Have fun !

Download SWISS III - tarmac :            SWISS_III_Final.7z

Download SWISS IV - gravel :              SWISS_IV_Final.7z


7 komentárov:

  1. Wonderful job. Thank you for this great track.
    When it goes about top quality in RBR - it is "Miro style"))

  2. Nice to see final version, I'm always happy with new track in RBR world, some sweet present before the holidays.
    What is your future plans?, would be nice finish "El Cubilete" from CrisB (http://btbtracks.blogspot.ie/). Konrad start, but he keep attention to AC, so RBR version is freezed and not have progress in RBR anymore...

    1. It is not exactly the main reason...of course we put more attention to AC now, but we still care about RBR, and Street Rally Magnolia will be released next year for RBR, rFactor and AC. Was also thinking about porting La Mussara and KlausenPass to RBR as they are almost ready for porting to RBR.

      And the reason for freezing El-Cubilete was that actually Chris B was going to release an improved version of El-Cubilete (gravel & asphalt) FOUND HERE: http://btbtracks.blogspot.ie/2014/10/el-cubilete-version-210-with-tarmac.html

      I have the El-Cubilete prepared in Blender. It needs import to Wallaby. However I am not sure Chris B will allow for conversion...

  3. Thanks !
    What next ? I Wonder if I should even given to the development tracks. I do not know, but the community RBR is thankless. We grope for tracks thousands of hours and no response ... The various tournaments will donate thousands of euros each year, but for the formation tracks a few dozens of euros! If we did not do new tracks and plugins are already dead !

  4. Yes I agree, I have one idea for track makers, and all others who makes cars, skins, plugins and others stuff, but need cooperate together in one source place and make something like RBR market, Any way this is for speak for instance. I think better way, how I did before, make track realize just for online usage (for all plugins), and put some donation count for offline track if you get it - you will allow this in offline to....

  5. thx, Miro, i like your tracks,is really nice job !