utorok 28. októbra 2014

SWISS III - Progress

Update 23.11.2014 -

Groundmesh - done
Textures - done
Track physic - done
Objects  - done
Scripts - done
Cameras - done
Shadows - done
Pacenotes - done

Collisions - 50%
Weather and textures for all surfaces - 0% 

.....   test Vertex Color shadows

Update : 14.11.2014

20 komentárov:

  1. Uff, vypadá to parádně. Není to v Blenderu?

  2. krasa to bude buraciek ked budem pokukavat po tych horach ,fantazia Miro

  3. Don't forget cuts parts in road sides ;) Keep work on!

  4. Greaaat!!:) Thanks Miro /----> Kon Rad

  5. The track locks gorgeous, really looking forward to this, I love the long gravel tracks with amazing surroundings just like this one, really really well done MIRO Cant wait to try this it !!! I hope you'll be Able to complete it in time for Christmas, then it would be the best Christmas present we all RBR fans could get ; )

    1. Thank you friends !
      I hope that this Christmas could be done :)

  6. Hi Miro! Just to say your work is impressive as always but the pic with the girl sitting next to the house looks out of scale to me. Wether the peds are too big or the house is too small.

  7. paráda! a bude i asfalt verzia?

  8. Does it will included normal and worn surfaces? Any way, for SWISS II I have prepared, if you need I can share with you.
    Because, its need. If in online tournament you choose surface with normal or worn road condition, game goes to desktop, and organizers need make own track FIX...

  9. I thought the track was going to be gravel, or do you do both?

  10. Fantastic job!!!!!!!!You are a genius!!!!!I live in Corsica and my dream is one day a track of Tour de Corse will be released.

  11. Tak, opět smekám klobouk. Tak jako vždy suprová práce děkuji, chlape.