utorok 14. januára 2014

PIKES PEAK 2008 - progress

28.2.2014  -

clouds on a track ... ?

26.2.2014 -  New 3D low objects ( cars, spectators, etc....)
                     Characters were prepared using the method Ridding in 3ds max -  tutorial 3ds Max Biped
 ( http://majoh.deviantart.com/art/Mandi-s-3dsmax-Biped-Tutorial-26515784 )

14.1.2014 - pokračujem po dlhšej prestávke...teraz mám čo doháňať :)

  ...textúry zo Street View dajú zabrať :/ ...

13 komentárov:

  1. Fantastic! Looks like real!! :O


  2. To je vizuální masakr Miro :)

  3. Dík kluci, dúfam, že grafika v RBR nebude proti :)

  4. Great job! Will you release it also for rFactor? And can we expect to drive this masterpiece before the end of 2014? :)

  5. Thanks !
    Maybe in 1-2 months it could be done.
    If interested, then releases the the track into rFactor. Just do not know whether
    will correct size textures (1024x4096) ...

  6. Hi Miro! You are very restrained about sharing your wip status :) Why you don't share more photos of this project? I wonder how it's gonna looks like with all that trees and vegetation.

  7. Now I'm working on all objects on the track - cars, spectators, guard rails, signs etc.
    Vegetation will be to the end.

  8. Cars looks nice, if just add vertex colors for simulate some shadows it will perfect!

  9. is possible create this track for Rfactor game??

  10. Hello. I used to have Pikes Peak in my plans, but after you shared your first photos, I skipped it. Maybe I will come back to that concept if I will decide that it can be made better than you did, but now I think it is very unlikely when I'm looking at the screenshots :) Great job. I also would like to see it in rFactor, both with rally world 4.0 and all classic and modern hill climb cars it would be heaven on earth!