nedeľa 15. apríla 2018

New track STUREC - only public TEST !

Hi, please test the end of the week!

   Download :      Sturec.exe


                                                 ☺☺   Have Fun !  ☺☺

7 komentárov:

  1. Absolutely amazing stage, thank you very much!

  2. Miro the track is amazing, the flow and the speed is really great.
    I have one thing to tell you: the fps is not really great. I have a 1070gtx and I use VR, in every other stage i get the 90fps (the standard for VR). But in this one I have fps drop, I think because of the render distance because when I lower the graphic quality in the rbr startup from high to low, then it is good. Could you do something about it?
    thanks and congratulations on another great track.
    p.s. there is one type of tree that needs a little bit of edit with the black levels - they are not black and then reduces the contrast of the tree compared with the other trees.

  3. Čao, je supr, jen mi tam trošku chybí variace a nerovnosti silnice... občas nějaké to zúžení, hrb.. nebo aspoň po stránce textury. Jinak ale vážně hezká trať :) Díky!

  4. Hi Myro ...
    in the meantime, congratulations for the realization of this track ...
    the landscape, the bridge, the gallery, is to make us a picture to attack the wall of the house !!
    I first tested the pacenote ...
    my vision of your K-rigth or k-left long is more about the long open hairpin ...
    99% of the rest I like ....
    only in the final piece (very fast) when calling the cornes I noticed a lot of delay .... and when I brake I'm already against the outside wall ....

    Tomorrow I try if I see bugs along the path like collisions and the rest and then I make my report

    I like it and congratulations again ....

  5. It sure is a fun stage, the flow is almost too good to be true. :)

    I have A SLIGHT fps drop just before going into the tunnel (and possibly during the tunnel as well), but it is one of those things that happen only on the first run.

    There are some trees along the way that flicker quite badly at 4850m, 5865m, 7425m, 7870m. I guess those numbers don't really mean a thing, because it may be just an AMD issue (with its factory settings), as the way some of those ONEBET ads flicker (most notably the one at 6062m) do remind me of some BTB stages from the past with similar problem.

    Didn't bump into any unwanted collisions, that's good.

    Thank you, Miro!

  6. Thank you ! I'll fix it important.